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Art (of Adventure Time)

Well I sure haven't posted anything in a long time, have I? But then again, is there any point to it? Although I do like the comments from the Russian spambots; they are very complimentary. Anyway, I'm not sure how I missed this one, since I did it back in January and I have posted one time since then. I revisited some characters that I hadn't touched since Concept Illustration. I thought some more on the story and finally came up with some actual plot points and character development for it (somehow all those world-building exercises we had to do did not help me with that at all), but it's still a long way of from being a workable concept.

Anyway, apparently the other thing I've done recently is get really into Adventure Time.
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So I guess I've become another one of those artists that's given up on LiveJournal and just posts stuff on Tumblr. But honestly I still think LJ is the best. No other system is as good about having an extended public conversation on a subject. But it doesn't really matter if there's no one else around to converse with.
Anyway, I just wanted to repost this drawing here because Tumblr shrinks things down a bit, and I just really like this drawing and think it needs a little more space.

Also Princess Jellyfish and A Bride's Story are like my favourite things right now. Slylock Fox I threw in there because Nedroid pointed out that there is not much Slylock Fox fan art in the world and this is a situation that should be remedied. And I agree, there is a surprising lack of fan art art. I'd have thought the furries would be all over that. Or maybe they are and I just don't know because I kind of make it a point to avoid furry fan art.


Well, it's been a long time since I posted anything. For the past couple of months I've been doing a comic for Yen Plus's call for entries. Perhaps someday you will see it.

I've also been writing letters and drawing in them.
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Also, I got a tumblr, if you want to follow me there, too. I'm not sure exactly how much I'll be using it, I just realized that nearly half the websites I've been reading are tumblrs, so I thought this would make things easier (once I remember what they all are and add them to my list).

SPX stuff

So, obviously I'm going to be at SPX. But, also, I'll have a bunch of stuff! Something new I am trying this year is selling small original art. I'll have some postcard sized watercolor paintings available for a mere $10! They are based on scenes from fairy tales I like. Here's some of the ones that I'll have:

I'll also have all these comics:

I'll be at table E12, which can be found here:


SPX dining guide

Since I spent the better part of my youth shuttling around to various destinations on Rockville Pike, and since the area tends to have a high turnover in restaurants, I thought I'd write up a quick guide to some places around the North Bethesda Marriott hotel. I'm going to try to group this by shopping center, since that's pretty much how everything is organized on the Pike. Most everything will be found by traveling north on Rockville Pike/355, so let's start that way.

Immediately north of the hotel, I think perhaps in the same development, is The Vegetable Garden, which does vegan chinese cuisine. (There is another vegetarian chinese restaurant in the area, but this is the slightly better of the two.) Pricing is pretty inexpensive, and there is enough variety in the menu to appeal to most non-vegans as well.

Mid-Pike Plaza one block north of the hotel, has the Toys'R'Us

La Madeleine: There is no reason not to go this country French cafeteria. The food is excellent, it's a short walk from the hotel, and it's pretty reasonably priced. Unless, of course, you find everything on the line so tempting that you have to pick up one of everything. Since it's cafeteria-style (there are a few items that need to be cooked to order and will be delivered to your table), it's also possible to get in and out fairly quickly. They also have a separate area for an excellent bakery, so you can pick up your breakfast for the next morning.

Silver Diner: To my mind, the only reason to go to this diner is if you are just dying to play with jukeboxes at the table. The food is decent, but there's nothing unique about their chicken fingers, burgers, and milkshakes. Other than that they are over priced and you will likely have to wait a long time to get in.

Flagship Center one block further, past Randolph road on the opposite side of Rockville Pike from the hotel, has a Barnes & Noble and large Hudson Trail Outfitters

Timpano Chophouse: I've only been here a few times, but it's always been a good experience. They specialize in thick steaks and other grill items, as well as generous helpings of pasta, however it is one of the pricier options in the area. The dining room is fairly large, so it's a good place for a group, but it's very popular on the weekends, so you'll want to call ahead.

Tara Thai: I haven't been here in several years, but this was one of the first Thai places to open up in the area (now I think you can't go more than a mile without finding one). I mostly remember them having an extensive menu and pretty cool décor. This is another good place for accommodating large groups.

Directly across the street is the Original Pancake House. If you're into pancake restaurant chains, OPH is my favourite. If you've got 2 or 3 people, I recommended the Apple Pancake or Dutch Baby, which provides plenty to share.

Federal Plaza heading another block north on Rockville Pike, on the left side just before the intersection with the Twinbrook Parkway. There used to be a Pearl Art Supply here and a Ruby Tuesday's and Bennigan's up front, but I think those are all out of business now

Mama Lucia: I used to go this little Italian diner almost every Saturday afternoon after flute lessons. You can get a large slice of pizza and a soda for under $5, as well as several other popular Italian favourites. And nobody can beat their garlic bread (which can be a meal by itself).

There used to be a great little take-out sushi place and a Melting Pot on the back side of that shopping center kind of around where the Putt-Putt was, but I think that whole area's been re-developed now.

Pike Center If you take a right onto Twinbrook Parkway, and then the next immediate right (just before the bridge and Guitar Center building), you will find the fairly small shopping center on your right side.

Urban BBQ and El Patio, an Argentian restaurant, are both fairly new to the area, so I have not tried them yet, but they come highly recommended by my family members. El Patio is dine-in (with outdoor seating), while Urban BBQ has seating and a takeout counter.

Gilly's is actually a beer and wine store, but it is definitely a stop you will want to make. I think there is some law in Montgomery County that requires all businesses selling alcohol to also sell food, so most liquor stores will have a little counter where you can get a grilled cheese or a wimpy BLT, but Gilly's takes their sandwiches very seriously. They serve amply sized gourmet sandwiches, which you can pair with a number of beers on tap or anything in the store that strikes your fancy. This is the place to go to pick up lunch and stock up on supplies for your hotel room party later. (Although it's beer and wine only there, if you want the hard stuff you have to go to one of the county-run liquor stores.)

Congressional Shopping Plaza maybe another quarter mile up the road on the left side, anchored by a Whole Foods Market and the Container Store

Hinode: To get here you will either need to take a left on Congressional Lane after the shopping center, or walk down the stairs in the corner of the main shopping center level, as this place is kind of on the underneath and back side. This Japanese restaurant was my go-to place for 'special event dinners of my choice' for a long time. You can sit on your knees at traditional Japanese-style floor tables (they provide sandals to exchange for your shoes) or at regular Western tables. Hinode has all the standard Japanese favourites, plus several more unique items. They also boast a very long sushi à la carte menu. This is definitely a more gourmet dining experience, so you will pay a little more but you should have a very good time.
(If you travel another quarter mile or so north, you can go to Niwano Hana which has most of the same Japanese food of an equally good quality in a more casual setting at a lower price.)

The main level of the shopping center has several more chain places, as well as a smoothie shop and a noodle place that are decent.

The last point of interest going north is A & J Restaurant, which is reputedly the best Chinese restaurant in the area (you'll pass by about 5 or 6 others on your way. It's pretty cheap, more authentic than most places, and they have traditional dim sum service during lunch.

Going south there's not too much, especially for close by because of the highway overpass. If you take a left and head east on Nicholson Lane, there's a Vie de France you can stop at in case La Madeleine is too crowded (continue down the road a little further to get to Dream Wizards, what used to be one of the more popular comic shops in the area, but I think is all about gaming now).

The only major stop going south on the Pike is White Flint Mall, which has been on the decline for a while. There's a Dave & Buster's here and a Cheesecake Factory, but nothing particularly interesting.

If you go about a mile down Rockville Pike, you can see the Strathmore center. There's a restaurant here that caters to the concert hall, gallery, and theater patrons, but I don't really know about their hours of operation when there's not an event going on.

Hope this has been helpful! If you're looking for something specific, or are looking to travel a little further out, come talk to me at table E-12A. (I am packing ham & bacon sandwiches and cookies.)


Art dump

A few things I've done recently between putting comics together:

I drew the cover for Newcity for their June 13th issue. It was pretty fun, but I hope that if I get to do it again I will have more than 12 hours to complete it.

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Page 100 Project - A Wizard of Earthsea

So maybe you have heard about the Page 100 Project that jasonturner started. It's where you draw a comic based on page 100 from a book of your choice. It took me a while to think of what book I wanted to draw from, but eventually I realized that I had to use A Wizard of Earthsea, because Earthsea is one series that I have always wanted to adapt to comic form. I ended up drawing two pages to cover the contents of page 100, and I don't think anyone else drew two pages, so I'm not sure if I broke the "rules" or not.

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Black Canary

Dinah Lance - Black Canary
by ~melaniecomics on deviantART

I drew Black Canary (and her secret identity Dinah Lance) for Project Rooftop's contest. I wanted to get some tone/custom brush practice in, and since her costume is entirely black (other than the blonde wig), I thought this would be a good opportunity to try some stuff out.


Recent Work

So for the past couple of weeks I've been working on Fairy & Kitten images most of the time.

These are a series of simple character illustrations that I am going to run alongside my "Broken" story for the second Sugar Ninjas anthology. I have two comics, including another Fairy & Kitten story, in the first anthology, which can be purchased here. Some are also going to be used in the layout of my portfolio site.

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Yotsuba & Sunflowers!

Today's my dad's birthday! I made this for him:

Yotsuba seems like she would be the best daughter. Probably because she always bothers the neighbors whenever she wants something.


More coloring stuff

So here's something I drew in my sketchbook a little while ago. I liked it well enough to try inking it. Unfortunately, my sketchbooks all have pretty low-quality paper, so the actual inks look terrible. Fortunately photoshop can disguise a lot. I also thought I might as well use it for more coloring practice. I'm trying to compile some new techniques along with what I learned in Julie's class, as well as learn to use my tablet better. I think I did a pretty good job at getting the lighting I was going for. Of course, I don't know why I am working on coloring so much for something that is going to be a black and white comic.

Hourly Comics

It's the end of Hourly Comics Day (/week+) for me. I tried to make it exciting for the big finale. Maybe it will be a little exciting if you like Pokémon, Hello Kitty, tacos, and/or kitties on bubblewrap. Maybe next year I will do a whole month of hourlies.

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Hourly Comics

Oh my goodness so many people are doing hourly comics! This is where they put them. I just want to read everyone else's comics instead of doing the things I need to do and drawing my own hourly comics. But, I did do things today and I did draw hourly comics about it. And this post will mark 100 hourly comics drawn (and scanned and posted) so far!

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Hourly Comics

Hourly Comics day is officially here. Here is where you can see everyone's comics. A lot of people have already started posting comics, either because they live in the future or because they started early like I did. Here's more of my comics:

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Hourly Comics

So, with these pages the count comes up to 80 hours of comics. Depending on how much I sleep, by the end of tomorrow I may have over 100 comics. 100 terrible comics.

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Hourly Comicsssss

Tomorrow is Hourly Comics Day. Then I can stop doing these. Until then, here are more comics.

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Hourly Comics

Oh man there are a lot of comics. I don't know how many I am going to post tonight because who reads the internet on Saturday night? Still, here's a bunch more.

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Hourly Comics

Hey, I have got a bunch more comics done. I haven't been scanning them in very regularly since I have to use Matthew's computer to do that, and that is hard for me to get access to. Anyway, I'm scanning a bunch in now, so I'll post them in a few batches tonight.

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Hourly Comics

So I started doing hourly comics over the weekend, on the 23rd to be precise. My plan was to do comics for the week leading up to Hourly Comics Day, February 1st. But, due to my not understanding the magic of calendars, that means I will actually end up with ten days' worth of comics. However, I've been pretty sick and slept many hours of the days so far, so I guess it balances out.

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Adèle, webcomic stuff, commissions

So, one of the benefits of being unemployed again is that I've finally had a bunch of time to work on art stuff. I did this colored image of Adèle to use in headers, banners and such for my upcoming webcomic The Prince and the Unicorn. The patterns on her dress are a compilation of brushes by Brenda.

So, since I've started working on a webcomic, I could definitely use a good tutorial on comicpress. I downloaded and installed it, but I don't really know how to modify my page or anything like that.

Also, I want to start doing commissions; more on that in the future. In the meantime, if anyone has some good advice on how to get them, I'd certainly appreciate it.